Dimter Optimizing S- Series Push Cross Cut Saws

WEINIG OptiCut S-series: Unlimited range of applications and high productivity combined in one series:

Picture 2293The Dimter S-series offers you innovative mechanical engineering from cross-cut saw specialists combined with state-of-the-art control technology and software – everything from a single source. You can decide on the level of equipment and extension, whether a single machine or fully-automatic linked cross-cutting line with integrated work piece recognition – now or later. Flexibility is retained at all times. Whether cutting single boards or packages of boards, profiles or rods in solid wood, panels or even plastics, modern operations need this flexibility – in fixed-length cutting, when cutting out defects and for optimization.

Save Yield (Material), Increase output, Accuracy and safety with a Dimter today.

Dimter OptiCut S90 Speed: The Fastest most Accurate Saw on the market today! 
The centerpiece is the unit comprising the saw, positioning system, controls and software – everything from a single source. This enables you to fully automate the process stages of – transport, positioning, clamping and cross-cutting of a variety of infeed materials. Naturally, there is no set-up time when changing incoming goods. Automating your cutting guarantees reliably high daily performance and production quality. The high flexibility of the OptiCut S models is not least attributable to the “manual cutting” function in each case.

The S90 Speed can cut up to 1,200 cabinet door parts in a shift (8 hrs.)

Video Link S90 Speed: 

Dimter UniCut S

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Save u to 30% on yield (Lumber) versus your manual cutting operation with the UniCut S. Improve your value creation from cross-cutting – cutting precision, flexibility and optimal safety – the automatic optimizing cross-cut saws with positioning pushers of the Dimter Line  series offer all of this combined with high productivity. Cabinet Door parts, face frames are easily done with this this flexibility – in fixed-length cutting, when cutting out defects and for optimization.

InkJet for part sorting,  Video Link UniCut S:

Perfect for almost ever sized Cabinet Shop cutting raised center panels, face frame and cabinet door parts to an accurate length from all design Cabinet Software.

Dimter OptiCut S-50+ Series 

Even the OptiCut S 50, cuts up to four times faster than manual cross-cut saws, and with half as many workers.” (Operator testimonial) Better performance – at less cost. 
Even the smallest Dimter Line OptiCut S cuts up to 4 times as much as a manual cross-cut saw. And with half the number of employees! Available in multiple Widths up to 14″ wide, 40 feet infeed.  Video Link S-50+:

Pack Cutting, Defecting, Pattern Cutting Optimizing and many more options available.

Dimter OptiCut S60 


Large Volumes and accurate cutting length. With Robot Stacking 09719_WE_1016_1024x768

Pack Cutting

Video Link Pack Cutting Mode/Stacking 

Dimter OptiCut S90 Precise