WEIMA Shedders and Briqueters

WLH-Tiger.3a12023d1d061d05e087f2f37b901147The Weima shredders of the WLH Tiger series are used for shredding long and short timber waste. All types of timber material can be turned into woodchips. The material to be shredded is fed into the horizontal shredding rotor via a vibrating chute which is the same width as the shredding machine. Material intake is assisted by in feed rollers transporting the material to the rotor. The Jumbo rotor design of 482 mm in diameter is available for very high throughput requirement rates. These allow much more material to be shredded in the same space. WLH horizontal shredders are used in sawmills and for long strip wood-processing workshop applications. The low rotational speed ensures that noise levels are kept to a minimum. This makes it possible to use them directly at or beneath processing machines. Used specifically for processing chipboard and solid timber. The material is fed into a vibrating chute of adjustable length. Video


WL_6_frei_Schatten_small3.40761f4fe233ec57d66a94c4f4042dc3The classic model for shredding all kinds of wood waste. Thousands of shredders are used all over the world from small to medium sized businesses. The WEIMA shredder distinguishing feature is a very rugged construction enabling an extremely long service life (even in outdoor operations). The global popularity of this shredder series assures high reliability at a competitive price to performance ratio. Material is fed through the hopper to fall in front of a hydraulically operated drawer that presses the material, according to load, onto the turning rotor. The material is shredded between the rotor knives and a fixed stationary counter knife. The drawer is equipped with castellation as is the floor to prevent materials being lodged between the drawer and the machine casing. The chips produced can be conveyed from the output of the machine by an air extraction system, screw or belt conveyor. The WEIMA innovative profiled “V” Rotor is made of solid material and mounted on stable rotor bearings. Special knife holders are welded into milled knife pockets around its circumference. The cutting knives are set into these and screwed on from the back. This ensures quick and easy knife changing. The concave cutting knives can be rotated four times to ensure a precise cut with optimum performance. Video!


WP_500.3a12023d1d061d05e087f2f37b901147Briquette presses of the HD (High Density)-Series are specifically designed for compacting problematic materials such as MDF-dust wood chips and metal swarf. An extremely high pressure is generated in a closed chamber which leads to briquettes with a high density – without any additives. Not only circular briquettes with a diameter of 50 mm can be produced but also rectangular briquettes with variable edge length. High-performance pressing mechanism with swingarm for high-compressed briquettes, For problematic material such as MDF-dust, wood chips and metal cuttings, Dust collection port with end-position cushioned cylinder Switch box with SPS control, Separated oil tank with pump motor and valve control, Valve control, Safety control for oil temperature, Sturdy base frame with rubber feet. Video!