RAIMANN rip saws: Strong solutions to make your cutting even more profitable

Width cutting, generally referred to as ripping, combined with longitudinal cutting, represents the first processing img_09417_WE_0713_f503996f86stage in all solid wood processing. Thus, it constitutes the foundations of efficient and modern production. Errors in (width) cutting, such as wood losses, missing quantities or excessive stock levels permeate the entire subsequent production process and have a lasting, negative effect on operating results.

Modern and efficient cutting is, therefore, indispensable. WEINIG provides optimal machine concepts to fulfill this requirement. From the small workshop to the fully-automated production line.

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The new UniRip 310 (12″)

img_WE_4019_add43e9227is the ideal multi-blade rip saw for small operations with high standards in quality and a focus on simple applications. The new multi-blade rip saw impresses with its robust design and ease of operation. With a cutting height of up to 110 mm and high feed speed, the machine is suited to a wide range of tasks. The patented QuickFix system takes care of retooling in no time. Attractive pricing with a
strong standard model and a number of intelligent options. Video Link:



RAIMANN VarioRip 310: The intelligent concept for profitable cutting

img_variorip310_c3c970166bThe compact, robust VarioRip is the ideal machine for small and medium-sized operations. Whether as a multi-blade or optimizing rip saw, the new VarioRip 310 impresses even in the standard version with high-quality equipment and excellent user-friendliness. The patented Quickfix quick clamping system enables rapid retooling.

SafetyPlus, developed and patented by WEINIG, ensures optimal operator protection.

Upgraded with up to two automatically adjustable saw blades, the VarioRip offers an intelligent entry into wood optimization. The modular design allows the VarioRip to be optimally adapted to every requirement. Video Link:


RAIMANN ProfiRip 340, 450 or 610 series: High-performance multi-blade rip saw for all requirements.

img_Kettenmaschine_geschlossen_V05_REPRO_a5ebc5f1b3Width cutting plays a decisive role in solid wood processing, for rip optimizing means cost minimization. Whether producing slats or finished material, as a cutting unit for glued panels or for wood optimization, ProfiRip is the ideal solution for increased productivity with outstanding wood recovery. Excellent user-friendliness, the shortest setup times, optimal profitability. Whether as an optimizing rip saw or a pure multi-blade rip saw. The system’s versatility makes it ideal for all operations – from interior fittings to the furniture industry and from solid wood panel production to the sawmill. Feed Speeds up to 550 ft/min. 

Greater flexibility and intelligent system solutions are the core themes for our developers today. We deliver the right concepts. Our outstanding system components allow continuous operation to the highest standard. In addition to the standard models, we can also produce customized solutions in all performance classes. It is that easy to make your ProfiRip into a high-performance system! Video Of Lean MFG: 


WEINIG FlexiRip JrionLine: The universal longitudinal circular saw — the all-rounder for every operational scope

img_11706_10000_WE_1299_47f54177c0The genuine Jrion from WEINIG offers universal applications in small, medium-sized and large operations. When it comes to cutting planks, boards and panels, the FlexiRip has established a reputation as an efficient and flexible longitudinal circular saw. Customers particularly appreciate the high levels of flexibility, the optimal wood recovery and the one-man operation. FlexiRip: the solution when it comes to universal application! In addition to solid wood, a range of other materials can also be cut, including plastic, aluminum and a variety of panel types. The FlexiRip’s cut length and usable width is harmonized with its workpiece dimensions. Operation is simple: Lay and align the workpiece on the machine table and initiate cutting via the pedal! When the pedal is released, the saw blade dips and returns to the start position. The feed speed can be continuously and finely adjusted from 0 – 80m/min.  Link Here:


WEINIG BKS: Flexible band resaws for all woodworkers and wood processors with high demands in terms of saw cuts and service life.

img_BKS_helbild_new_fril_webpage_16_9_647869c612A strong piece in the band resaw area thanks to the robust and solid construction. High cut height thanks to stable band guidance. High degree of dimensional accuracy and long service life thanks to broad saw blade. Standard with steplessly adjustable, electronic feed up to 40 m/min. Bevel cut device up to 45 degrees and continuous dimensional accuracy thanks to hydraulic blade tension. High productivity thanks to simple and quick dimensional settings. Safety and long service life thanks to effective saw blade cleaning, band wheel cleaning and lubrication.

Optional SPS control for programming clocked dimensional settings of the saw blade speed for different wood types. In addition, you will benefit from safety based on strict quality standards, fantastic ease of use and naturally, top service from the world-market leader. Video Link: