Basic of Cross-Cutting, Why you need a Dimter OptiCut Optimizing Cross Cut Saw Solution:


Not only poor cutting accuracy costs $ money $, even Einstein would not have been able to calculate optimum lengths, piece counts, grades and yield during production, especially in a hazardous area. 

To optimize yield the following steps have to be taken on every board:


A. Each board must be measured accurately. B. The cutting list must be verified. C.  Operator must calculate exactly which lengths can be cut from which of board/timber. D. After all this the timer must be cut manually and safely.  = Impossible !


  • Operators of crosscut saws get tired or they are simply not very concerned about Yield Choices!Picture6
  • They cut as quickly as they can! 3, 5 or even 8mm (3/8″) are not considered when cutting out defects! More than 5000 cuts are normally made per shift, by each operator!!
  • 5000 cuts x 5 mm  =  25 m (85′) / day of timber is wasted!
  • Even though labour may be considered cheap in some area’s, it costs the producer a lot more than he realizes! It costs him potential YIELD!!$$
  • Expensive labour should be used for tasks that require more complex processes (e.g. assembly).

Crosscutting is not only a process in which automation is easily applied but it in most cases automation is indispensable for profitable production.

DIMTER offers a solution for every level of crosscutting operation, because every production has its individual requirements. The earlier the yield is increased in production, the higher the availability of the material in the subsequent processes. Lets improve your Yield = $$ and your Production = $$ and your Safety = $$ saved daily, weekly, monthly and yearly!




Your Operator will never see this full potential within a board, NEVER! 


09514 WE_0810 Your Operator will never see this full potential within all these Boards! NEVER!




Saving to you everyday !