You can expect a lot from us:
Maze Machinery LLC РYour longterm partner for service requirements. 

You can concentrate on your business, let us do everything else! Our partners are not only the leading manufacturer for the solid wood and panel processing industry, we lead this industry in technology, rapid response times, diagnostic support from factory trained technicians and much more. Call us today! 214-418-7572

Maze Machinery LLC offers: trained moulder Field Service Technicians who have years of experience in moulder and grinder installations, service and repairs.

In addition to setting up your new equipment, our technicians can install equipment you may have purchased at auction or through private sales. We can also perform pre-purchase inspections of equipment, so you can buy with confidence.

Another service Maze Machinery LLC offers is a machine evaluation of your existing equipment, which can be combined with a preventative maintenance program. We use a detailed checklist, designed to ensure no wear items are overlooked. This evaluation gives you a better understanding of the state of your equipment and allows you to set a timetable for repair or maintenance of your equipment, avoiding costly and inconvenient down time.

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